Rekordstort Swix Ski Classics

Swix Ski Classics kicks off the season with new records!

The long distance cross country ski championship Swix Ski Classics this weekend starts off its new season with the first two events in Livigno, Italy. On Saturday is the Prologue held and on Sunday the La Sgambeda.Stig MortenStig MortenToneTone

10606375_744991632248094_1465749304540183255_nKristianSONY DSCGeir Ludvig og Runar

Ski Classics will this winter have 9 events, The Prologue, La Sgambeda, Jizerska, La Diagonela, Marcialonga, König Ludwig Lauf, Vasaloppet, Birkebeinerrennet and Årefjällsloppet held in 7 different countries, a new record!

Before the first event 27 Pro Teams have registered to Swix Ski Classics, which is a new record! The Pro Teams include 170 individual skiers, a new record!

The athlete in the Pro Teams compete for a total of Euro 368.000 in Prize money, a new record!

For the first time Swix Ski Classics will be broadcasted live in the U.S. on the ESPN network. In total Ski Classics Live feed, Highlight magazines and News feed will be distributed to 85 countries across the world, which is a new record!

The Prologue on Saturday start off with the female skiers mass start at 0900, then the Pro Team Tempo with the team´s male skiers starts at 10.00. In the pro team tempo the teams start with 3 min time gap in the opposite start order from the Pro Team Ranking.

The result is calculated by multiplying the temas second best male time multiplied by 2 and the adding the teams best female time. The lowest total time will decide the result from the Pro Team Tempo.

Team points are then handed out as well as 20 individual bonus points for all skiers finishing within 20% of the winning time in each gender.

Sunday´s 35km La Sgambeda is held on a new one loop track turning at 2100 masl, which is a new height record! and will definitely be a challenge for all skiers. The race has a Ski Classics sprint after 4km where the first green bib sprint points of the season will be handed out.

«We are ready to kick off the new season, starting off before christmas is a great step for the tour. It will be exciting to see how the Pro Team Tempo turns out, being the first time ever a team tempo is held in a winter sports competition! The origination in Livigno has been working fantastic in order to give the skiers the best possible conditions. Let the season start!» says Ski Classics CEO David Nilsson

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