Ski Classics 2015-2016

The Prologue on the 5th is a Pro Team Tempo open only for the Pro Teams, then of Sunday the 6th La Sgambeda over 35km is held, famous for its climb up to 2200masl at the turning point Grassi delli Agnelli.

Livigno is a perfect location to host a training camp week before the competition, being snow safe, and for amateur skiers to see the race as a shape indicator for the season to come.

After Livigno the tour moves to Czech Republic and Jizerska, on the 10th of January. The race starts and finish in the Czech countryside resort Bedrichov about one hour north of Prague.

Then the tour after one weekends break moves to St Moritz Switzerland and La Diagonela, the 65km race in the stunning scenery of the Engadine valley.

The weekend after La Diagonela Ski Classics moves to Val di Fiemme and Italian race Marcialonga over 70km with start in Moena and finish in Cavalese, held on the 31st of January.

The 6th race in Ski Classics is German König Ludwig Lauf taking place in the Bayern city Oberammergau, 50km long.

Then the weekend after the tour for the first time moves to Toblach. The new race is also the last race in the central Europe part of the tour, then taking a rest four weeks before starting up its Scandinavian leg, with the final three races.

Vasaloppet is the 8th race, it is also the oldest and longest, 90km, race in Ski Classics being with its long tradition also the most prestigious.

Vasaloppet is each year held the first Sunday in March, 2016 that is the 6th of March.

After Vasaloppet the tour moves to Norway and Birkebeinerrennet, 54 km over two mountain starting in Rena and finishing in Lillehammer.

Then Ski Classics for the fourth year ending its season in Åre Sweden with the 65km race Årefjällsloppet.


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