Gjesteinnlegg frå Arnaud Du Pasquier


Most of us are familiar with the saying “Skiing is a big family“, you’ve probably even used it a few times yourself. However, it wasn’t until last week, when Rune Odegaard, my former teammate from the Ski Team of the University of Colorado at Boulder invited me to participate in a training camp organized by his new team, Team Synnfjell, that I realized how big the family of skiing actually is.

What makes Team Synnfjell so special is the fact that they do all they can to make the most out of every workout. Every evening, we would sit down and discuss how the day went. And it didn’t matter whether you’re a World Cup skier, a Youth Olympic medalist, or a simple student athlete, your opinion was considered as good as anyone else’s, which made me feel immediately included as if I was part of the team.

Cross-country skiing is always evolving, on both the athletic or technological aspect, and it is teams like Team Synnfjell, which are constantly striving to become the best, that are able to adapt and prepare its athletes for the unexpected. And this, for me, is the true spirit of sport.

I would like to say a big thank you to coach Jostein Vinjerui’s for his open-minded attitude, to assistant coach Petter Blindheim for his optimism, and to the athletes of Team Synnfjell for their inspiring will to succeed. I truly believe that you guys have found the ideal cocktail that leads to success. And if any of you happens to come close to my home in Pontresina, don’t hesitate to knock! You’ll be treated like family Uttrykksikonet wink



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