September update by Andrew Young


Team Synnfjell is becoming quite the international team now, with athletes from Japan, Switzerland and Great Britain as well as the Norwegians on the team. This means we have people following us and supporting us from all over the world. This is fantastic for us and it also means I have an excuse to write in English!

We have now come to the end of a long summer with lots of hours spent rollerskiing, running and in the gym. As we came to September I started to think about the training I’ve done and I wanted to see if it had actually made me any better. This meant I had to run a few tests in my training to see how I was going. The first test was a level 3 running session. I use a loop I know fairly well, and I know my times and average heart rates from previous sessions. The second test was a double poling session. I use the rollerski track in Lillehammer and again I know my lap times and heart rates from previous sessions, so I can compare where I am at to previously.

It’s always nerve racking to do a test like this in training. If the test doesn’t go well then there a lot of questions that need answered and potentially there has been a lot of time wasted training wrong. Fortunately for me both of the tests went really well. I improved a lot in both running a double poling and I can safely say that my summer training worked well.

September and October are always awkward months to be a skier. We are not yet into winter training and skiing on snow, but it is no longer summer. The pressure that the ski season is just around corner is ever looming and so we have to make every day of training count. It is now only 2 months until the season opening at Beitostølen and skiers all over Norway are starting to worry about their form. I notice this by the frequency in which I’m asked “are you in shape?” increasing from about once a week to 3 times a day, by everyone I meet. It’s now got to the stage that I wouldn’t be surprised if the lady on the till at the supermarket turned round and asked me if my shape was good. I don’t think anyone has ever answered that question honestly. According to some of the answers I’ve heard recently then the majority of skiers in Norway are suffering from a combination of Dengue Fever, The Plague and muscles that are so tired and crippled they can barely get out of bed. I don’t think anyone actually is suffering from these things, so take any answers you get to “are you in shape?” with a pinch of salt.

This week finished off with a Sprint session with some of the others from the Team. In the end there were only 4 of use that did the session due to various reasons. We had a good session and I think everybody had better times than the last time we did the session. Afterwards I had a meeting with Jostein to discuss my training for the next few weeks. I think we have a solid plan and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into training.

Next week the team is going to be together for a training camp in Hemsedal. The camp starts on Tuesday and everything, apart from the weather forecast, looks set to make the camp a good one.


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