Utfordrende løp i Tsjekkia.

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Jizerska becomes 50km over 15 laps to honour history!

Visma Ski Classics this weekend goes to Czech Republic for the Event 3, Jizerska 50. Due to the lack of snow this winter it is not possible to do the ordinary 50km event course. Now the Visma Ski Classics organization together with the Jizerska LOC, has found a tough alternative course that honours the history of the race.

The first Jizerska race took place on the last Saturday in January 1968. Where 52 competitors participated and ran along the Jizera Mountains from Bedrichov to Korenow and back again. In the 1970 the participating field included 15 members of expedition Peru 1970, who four months later were buried by a rockslide under Huascaran.

Hence the Jizerska race will on Sunday be held as a 50km track over 15 laps, one lap for each of the expedition member who were killed 1970, as a tribute to the founders of the race.

» We are delighted to finding this solution this year in order to pay tribute to the history, and also being able to create an extremely tough 50km race. Where the winners will be real cross country heroes! Due to the many laps of this race men and women elite skiers will start at the same time CET 0830 on Sunday, don’t miss it! » says David Nilsson CEO Visma Ski Classics

» There have been other information out but we are now very glad that the race together with Visma Ski Classics has found this great 50km course for the elite. In order to further tribute the 15 mountaineers who passed away, no one will ever again use the start numbers 1-15. They the belong tho the mountaineers. » Says David Dousa, Head of Jizerska 50.

More information and the course map will be available on Thursday on www.vismaskiclassics.com 

4 km race track


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